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Our Services

Dog Training Walks

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our Dog Training Walks. Tailored for busy owners, those struggling with training techniques, or anyone seeking additional support, these walks involve only the dog trainer and your dog. Watch as your dog learns and grows in confidence, even when you're not around. Ideal for busy lifestyles and ensuring consistent training.

Dog Training and Behavioural Assessment

Our Dog Training and Behavioural Assessments are perfect for owners who wish to be directly involved in their dog's training journey. Samantha, our expert trainer and behaviourist, will visit your home, assess your dog's behaviour, and provide you with the knowledge and tools to train and resolve behavioural issues. This service is ideal for dedicated owners ready to take an active role in their dog's development.

Group and Solo Dog Walking

Discover the joy and benefits of our Dog Walking Services. Perfect for owners who want their dogs to enjoy the outdoors, socialise, and stay active, these walks are available both solo and in small groups. Samantha ensures each walk is a fun, safe, and enriching experience for your dog, tailored to their individual needs and preferences. Ideal for maintaining your dog's physical and mental well-being, our walks offer a great balance of exercise and enjoyment.

Drop-in Services

Emerald Dreams Pet Care's Drop-In Services offer the perfect solution for your pet care needs while you're away. Whether it's letting puppies or older dogs out for a toilet break, feeding fish, or caring for small animals, Samantha ensures your pets are well looked after in your absence. This service is ideal for holidays or busy days when you can't be at home.

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I'm Samantha, Your Local Dog Trainer

An Experienced Dog Walker, Trainer and Behaviourist in Thurrock, Essex

As the driving force behind Emerald Dreams Pet Care, my lifelong passion for dogs has shaped my career. From a young age, I've always felt a deep connection with animals. This bond spurred my interest in canine behaviour and emotional intelligence, ultimately guiding me towards this professional path.

Since becoming a professional dog walker, trainer, and behaviourist in 2020, my journey has been as transformative for me as it has been for the dogs I've trained. It's been an honour to not only educate and care for these animals but also to share a loving bond with each one under my care.

Trusted by 100+ Dog Owners As A Professional Dog Trainer Thurrock Essex!

Transforming Canine Lives: My Commitment to Expert Training and Behavioural Excellence

My journey in dog training and behaviourism extends beyond mere love for animals; it's a lifelong commitment to providing the highest quality of training walks, classes, and behavioural assessments for all dogs.

As a professional dog trainer and behaviourist, my goal is to transform dogs who are unhappy, anxious, or nervous into ones that are happy, confident, and well-behaved, both in outdoor environments and within the home.

Whether it involves a rejuvenating walk in the park or tackling your dog's reactive behaviours around guests or in outdoor settings, my comprehensive approach ensures that your canine companions are in skilled and caring hands.

Why Am I The Right Choice For Your Dog?

Extensive Knowledge

Trusted as an experienced dog trainer and behaviourist by dog owners throughout Thurrock, Essex.

Tailored Solutions

A personalised tailored approach for dogs across Thurrock, Essex, to cater to your individual dog needs.

Force Free and Ethical

Supercharge your dog's potential with proven positive reinforcement based dog training.

Proven Results

Proven track record of training lots of dogs with 5-star ratings.

One Step at a Time: Ensuring Happiness for Both Dog and Owner

Why Emerald Dreams Pet Care Stands Out

Professional Pet First Aid

At Emerald Dreams Pet Care, we prioritise your dog's safety above all. We're equipped to provide professional-level first aid and comprehensive pet care swiftly in emergencies, ensuring your dog's physical and emotional well-being is always safeguarded.

Fostering an Unbreakable Bond

We believe in nurturing a bond between dogs and their owners that's as deep and meaningful as family ties. Our training is designed to encourage good behaviour and friendliness, even with strangers. Our training walks are more than just exercise; they're an opportunity for your dog to enjoy and explore the outdoors confidently.

Consistently Proven Results

Join the multitude of dog owners who have seen remarkable transformations in their pets through Sam's dedicated pet care and training. In Thurrock, Essex, our pet training is renowned for its effectiveness, with results that truly speak for themselves.

A Peaceful and Nurturing Environment

We're committed to creating a tranquil and supportive atmosphere for your dog. By reinforcing positive behaviour and fostering friendliness, even in unfamiliar situations, our training walks are designed to be enjoyable and enriching experiences for your canine companion.

Perfect for busy owners or those needing more support - Our Exclusive One-to-One Dog Training Walks for Ultimate Canine Bliss

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